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About us

Mahmoudzadeh & Associates is an immigration consulting firm with over 25 years of experience. Mahmoudzadeh & Associates was established in Canada in May 1997. Janet Yates is a full member of (CICC) College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

Janet Yates previous to 1997 was employed by the Canadian Embassy in Tehran Iran for 7 years as a Consular Assistant.


Mahmoudzadeh & Associates have offices in Toronto, Canada and Tehran, Iran. Janet Yates speaks both English and Farsi.


Mahmoudzadeh & Associates has always strived to provide the best possible assistance to people around the world.

We have helped thousands of families to immigrate to Canada.

 Janet C. Yates


Janet C Yates participated in the first Seneca Immigration Practitioner Program in 1998 and passed with honors. English is her first language and she is also fluent in the Farsi language. She has studied in the United States at the University of Pittsburg in Pittsburg Kansas. She has participated in the Melab test passed in Toronto on November 25, 2005 and passed the test on the first try. She also met all requirements (on first test attempt) to become a full member CSIC in February 2006. She was a local staff employee at the Canadian Embassy in Tehran Iran from 1990 – 1996. She received the Canadian Minister’s citation for Consular Excellence in 1994. She is an equal partner in Mahmoudzadeh & Associates since 1996 when she immigrated to Canada. She is a proud Canadian citizen since 2000. She also holds American and Iranian citizenship. She is a member of (CICC) College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

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